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Faculty of Science and Technology

Our engineering faculty prepares prospective students to face the challenges of Industry 4.0. Where engineering graduates will be highly sought after in the world of work.

Design Faculty

Our design faculty ensure that our graduates besides being able to produce good work, also have the ability to operate software to produce digital work.

Master of Information Technology

We have a Postgraduate Information Technology study program for Bachelor of Informatics Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and other Engineering as well as Bachelor of Economics.

International Programs

Collaboration between ISTTS and Foreign Universities.

Latest News


KSP SEASON 6 EPS 4 : Making Fashion Film with Filmora in Handphone

In this episode of KSP entitled "Making Fashion Film with Filmora in Mobile" was presented by Mr. Sito Fossy Biosa, S.Sn., M.Sn. more familiarly known as Mr. Sito / Mr Osa, on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. The seminar was also opened for internal (ISTTS students) and external students. There are a number of vocational and high school students participating in the KSP this time. He opened KSP with self-introduction, and then told me about his experience in editing videos. He also explained and compared several applications to edit videos with the Filmora application.

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Latest Mass Media


Night Lamp Controlled via Cellphone

A student of Design Product of ISTTS Surabaya creates a smart night lamp. Madeline Purnamawati designed it in a form of dinosaur character. The smart night lamp is applied in Android System so that it can be controlled via cellphones.

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Latest Blog


Corona virus is transmitted through the air, the Rupiah starts to shake

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The rupiah exchange rate weakened against the United States dollar (US) until mid-trade Friday (07/10/2020). The rupiah had previously posted a 4-day losing streak and could have been 5 if it had strengthened again today, but that seemed difficult to achieve.

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